Boardwalk & Timber

Coastal Construction has many years of experience in providing a wide variety of wooden bridges and timber boardwalk projects. Whether you require construction of wooden bridges, nature trails, fences, pavilions, or other any other specialty item, our custom design will certainly add value to your property.

Boardwalks and Pedestrian Bridges
From nature parks to community green spaces, timber bridges create appealing landscapes, with long-lasting durability.

Timber Retaining Walls & Fences
Durability, affordability, and sustainability are some of the reasons to use timber retaining walls for erosion control and shoreline stability.

Dune Crossovers and Vehicular Timber Bridges
Durability, strength, and minimal maintenance: A timber bridge delivers all of these critical elements.

Handrails and Guardrails
Our custom designed pedestrian guard rails and handrails provide safety and security.

Specialty Items
Whatever special amenity or problem-solving design you need, we can build it—with style and function.