Boat Lifts

Boat Lift Overview

All aluminum construction boat lifts for all size boats, Coastal Construction will install the proper unit for your need. We will help you determine the best device for the area and situation and complete the installation, repair and service to give you a turn key package. Boat lifts are indispensable for completing repair work and extending the life of your precious craft.

Coastal Construction is an area dealer and warranty service provider for Alumiworks boat lifts.

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Boat Lift Installation

We install a variety of lifts for any size boat all of which are safe, user-friendly, and convenient. Our experienced personnel will help you make the best boat lift choice for you. Our high quality lifts will help keep boat bottoms cleaner and enhance your waterfront property value. We also provide numerous accessories including stern platforms, catwalks and remote controls for added ease of use.

We are also a licensed contractor and able to perform electrical work on your boat lift as well. We can set up your boat lift remote along with your new lift to complete your project.

  • 4,500-lb. to 24,000-lb. capacities
  • 4-post lifts
  • Aluminum cradle lifts
  • V-Hull lifts
  • Dual Jet Ski lifts
  • Pontoon lifts

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