An aluminum Golden flat plate boat lift next to stationary dock on the water

Why You Need a Boat Lift in Tampa

When you are enjoying a sun-filled day on the water, cruising through calm conditions in your boat, it may be hard to imagine what happens to your boat when you’re not around. Reality is, the water isn’t always calm and the sun isn’t always shining. If you’re not storing your boat on a lift, you could be shortening its lifespan and increasing the risk for damage from changing water levels and storm debris. Below are the top reasons you need a boat lift, today.


No matter where you dock your boat, the water will get rough from time to time. Waves from other watercraft, high winds, and storms will all literally “rock your boat.” This causes movement in even the best tied boats. As your boat sways, it may rub against your dock, other boats, or your mooring buoys. This can cause damage to paint, trim, and your boat itself. Storing your boat on a lift gets it up out of rough water and safe from other objects. In turn, it keeps other objects (like your dock) safe from your boat.


Your boat is a major investment and important to you. You want to do everything possible to keep it in its best condition. A boat lift raises your boat out of the water and will prevent slime and scum from building up on the exterior. Deposits from the water can stain your boat and build up in your gel coat, shortening its life and making your boat look sad and dull. Aside from deterioration, storms can wash all kinds of debris into your boat. Keep seawater and sea creatures out of your boat’s interior by storing your boat on a lift.

More Time on the Water

When you’ve got your boat docked traditionally, you’ve got to check for debris, water intrusion, cracks, etc. before you can untie and ease out away from your dock. With a boat lift, you’ve simply got to lower your boat and drive away. There’s no need to burn your boating time on ropes, mooring buoys, and extra departure steps. A boat lift gets you to the open water fast.

At Coastal Construction, we’ll work with you to assess the right boat lift for your situation. We install safe, convenient lifts for any size boat. As a licensed contractor, we can even complete the electrical work to finish off your boat lift installation. Call us at (727)789-8989 to learn more about our boat lift services.